Sock Bun

Have you guys noticed sock buns are taking over the world?  I first saw the idea on Pinterest and kept telling myself I would try it tomorrow.  Tomorrow came and went, and I told myself the same thing.  Tomorrow.  The cycle continued until this weekend.  My friend Emily gave the quickest tutorial ever and it looked way too easy not to try.  I finally gave it a whirl yesterday.  It took a couple times to get it under control but it made me look like I had SO much hair!  Score!

It worked well and I dig the simplicity, but it was a little strange knowing I was walking around with a sock on my head all day.  The whole time I was thinking, “Do people realize this glorious bun is made entirely possible by a sock?!”  The cashier at Forever 21 even asked me how I managed to get such a good bun!  I couldn’t lie, so the sock explanation ensued.  The next thing I knew, I was holding up the line and giving a sock bun tutorial to the curious girl at the counter.  All in a day’s work.


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