In the Stars

We all know the whole “don’t judge a book by its cover” spiel. Call me crazy, but that’s exactly what I do when I’m on the hunt for my next read. With it’s simplicity, chartreuse color and quirky title, I was instantly in love with “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” After reading it, I was downright obsessed.

When I heard the film adaptation was coming out, I had high expectations and couldn’t wait to go see it. I mean, Emma Watson and Paul Rudd alongside that little cutie playing Charlie? Sold. Plus, Stephen Chbosky (the author of the book) directed it so, yeah, there’s that beautiful fact. I finally saw it this weekend and found myself so pleasantly surprised I couldn’t believe it. If you haven’t already, go see it now! Prepare yourself for an emotional roller coaster and embrace the tears as much as the laughs.

Aside from loving the on point acting and plot line, I couldn’t stop staring at Sam’s (Emma Watson) delicate star necklace. It was beautiful, simple and perfectly wearable — equally pretty alone or layered with other pieces.  Lucky for me, I found a spot-on replica the very next day at a flea market near my house. That’s called fate, people.

Emma Watson Trending

There are lots of styles and price points to choose from, so click the image above for details and have at it.

My flea market version I scored for a whopping two bucks.

And for those of you who are still debating on seeing the film, here’s the trailer to give you a little nudge. Cue the instant chills. You’re welcome.



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