I’m back, baby*

*the baby — 10/24/16

It’s been awhile. Over four years to be exact. I figured there’s no time like pregnant time to finally get back on the blogging wagon, so here I go!

I’ve always loved taking photos, telling stories, and sharing experiences, but growing a human over the last nine months has sent all of that into overdrive. My hope is to use this space to keep track of photos and memories for our growing family–and if I’m being completely honest, it seemed like the perfect way to over-share without bombarding friends and family on my go-to social channels.

Here’s to capturing the good, the bad, and everything in between.

16 weeks and really freaking excited
I was totally convinced my growing bump was visible at this point. If only my 16-week-pregnant self could see my 39-week-pregnant self.
Stoked to do parenthood with this man!



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