RIP Baby Bump

River is 11 days old today. Like, what?! For the past week or so, I’ve looked at my stomach every morning and still can’t believe he was in there just a short time ago. It’s crazy to think he was living inside of me for more than nine months and now he’s here in the flesh. Toward the end, I started telling Sam how much I thought I’d miss my bump. I obviously knew having him here would top everything else, but the bump was pretty incredible. It was so amazing to feel him move around everyday and I loved knowing I was able to provide such a cozy little home for him. It was weird to think I was keeping him alive without any real effort and knowing that wouldn’t be the case once he was finally born. He now relies on Sam and me 100 percent of the time (obvi) and it’s still such a trip. Talk about zero to 60. The learning curve is real, but it’s been the best, most rewarding challenge of my life.

So, in honor of my long lost bump, I figured I’d share what I like to call “the progress collage.” Full disclosure: I used a free collage-making site and the layouts held five too few squares, so my progress collage quickly became my progress collages. Oh, well! Sam and I started taking the photos at 14 weeks (about a week and a half after I found out I was pregnant) and tried our best to stay up on them consistently. We only missed a few weeks and I’m so glad we took as many as we did! It’s so fun/insane to see the changes. I also just noticed that I was rockin’ the non-smile smile up until the last five weeks. The excitement was clearly real at that point!

14-35 weeks

belly collage 1

36-40 weeks




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