One Month

I haven’t been very good about updating this thing, but I’m going to do my very best to (at the very least) keep up with these monthly lists of all things River. Time is already passing so quickly and I want to remember every last detail that I possibly can. People always warn pregnant women and new parents “how fast it all goes,” and it’s seriously no joke. It’s one of those things you don’t realize until you’re in the thick of it. I look back at “old” photos (aka when he was a couple days out) and can’t believe how much he has already changed. His face is filling out, the wrinkles under his eyes are disappearing (lucky!), his full head of hair is a thing of the past, his dark wavy locks are lightening up, and all the fun newborn skin stuff is popping up. And that’s just all of the physical stuff! So, in honor of remembering everything by month, I’m going to list out what we notice about him and ourselves. I’m hoping this will be a fun thing for all of us to look back at one day.


  • Blue-gray eyes that I’m hoping will stay forever.
  • Dark brown hair in the back with blonde hair in front. Color mullet?
  • Little, turned up nose and pouty lips.
  • Eating every two to three hours during the day and four to six during the night.
  • Sleeping in a SwaddleMe, muslin swaddle, and beanie in your Rock ’N Play.
  • Getting more and more time lying flat on your back.
  • Jaundice went away after three rounds of bloodwork and a week of supplementing with formula.
  • Weighed 8 lbs. 2 oz. at his two-week appointment (over a pound above his birth weight!).
  • A little colicky now but gripe water seems to work wonders.
  • Tiny, cute farts have quickly turned to giant, man-sized farts. Both equally hilarious.
  • “Finding your voice” but you’ll still fake us out with adorable little cries that sound like something between a cat and a dinosaur.
  • Bibs are your best friend because you’re spitting up A TON.
  • Super expressive with your raised eyebrows, pursed lips, and coy smiles.
  • Starting to rest your chin on your right fist while you sleep.
  • Curling your toes around our fingers and grabbing our skin/shirt/hair.
  • Used your first pacifier. Rotating between the Natursutten and Wubbanub.
  • Got bottle fed by dad and meema. Took the bottle like a champ!
  • Had a couple nights of sleeping in six-hour chunks of time.
  • Loving your swaddles and starting to prefer your right arm out.
  • Slowly but surely growing into your newborn clothes and cute beanies.
  • Starting tummy time and impressing us with your neck strength.
  • Learning to love bath time rather than screaming bloody murder every time.
  • Loving dad’s “ohm,” singing voice, and guitar playing.


  • Tired but crazy happy.
  • Reading (you’re not a fan yet) and singing (you’re a huge fan) together.
  • Talking about you non-stop.
  • Turning into “those parents” who show everyone a million pictures of you every chance we get.
  • Getting the nightly routine down — Riv cries, dad gets up to change him and brings him back to mom, mom breastfeeds in bed and swaddles him back up for the next few hours of sleep.
  • Trying to be fair, but we both want to hold you all the time.
  • Learning what each of your cries mean.
  • Continuously impressed at how many giant poops you can produce everyday.
  • Realizing our drinking habits now entail about one beer each.
  • Learning how to balance breastfeeding, pumping, and bottle feeding.
  • Getting really good at doing things one-handed and picking things up with our feet.
  • Convincing ourselves that you’re a genius due to how much you’re moving around, keeping your head up, and making eye contact with us.
  • Taking you on walks at least a few times a week.
  • Getting better at timing our outings — mom gets ready right before your next feeding, and then nurses while dad gets ready. Then, head out immediately after you eat to maximize your chill time while we’re gone.
  • Still haven’t set up the baby monitor but talking about it daily.

This has easily been the best month of our lives. Thanks for choosing us to be your parents, Rivvy!

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