House-Sitting Shenanigans

My parents left town to visit my sister in Sweden last week and we got to play house while we dog sat for a few of the days. Being at their house is always such a treat because a) it’s roomy, b) they have a big backyard with a pool, and c) we get to do alllll the laundry we want without the fear of our quarters getting stuck in the machine. You never realize how priceless a washer and dryer are until you have a baby spitting up and pooping on everything in sight.

We got to take advantage of the one really nice day while Sam was off work and had a fake pool day with the three of us. I say fake because we all put on our swimsuits, sunblock, and hats on but only Sam actually made it into the pool. The water was way too cold for my wimpy self. Riv rocked his first little baby speedo, napped for a bit, and then shit through his diaper, through his speedo, and onto a blanket. How can you be mad at something so freaking impressive?! I mean, seriously. So, the swimsuit was short-lived but we got a few photos for the memory book. We hung out at Sam’s mom’s house that night and BBQed for dinner. River was surprisingly fussy starting around 6 p.m. No matter what we tried, (feeding, diaper changing, shushing, adding/taking away blankets, rocking,singing, etc.) he couldn’t be comforted. I started wondering about another growth spurt taking place or if the whole “witching hour” was a real thing. I started Googling (duh) and found so many parents having the crazy fussiness happen right at five weeks, too. The fussiness began on a Friday and his five-week mark was the next day. What the heck! According to quite a few different articles, fussiness starts around week two or three and peaks around week six. Luckily, it sounds like it’ll taper out by month three or four, but that’s a pretty big gap. It’s nice knowing we’re not alone and that this is fairly common, but I so wish I could just snap my fingers and make him feel better every time.

Before & After of the Blowout. Notice the grin of sweet relief on the right.
Monkeying around on dad/Avoiding the sun with mom/Sadie keeping an eye on her nephew


In better news, Riv slept for an eight-hour window on Friday night! Maybe he was exhausted from all the crying? Either way, I was shocked and beyond happy. A friend of mine said her son starting eating less frequently at night after multiple six- to eight-hour stints. She would change him and then rock him before putting him back down, but not feed him in hopes of getting him used to not eating in the middle of the night. I totally got greedy and tried it on Saturday. River was NOT having it. I changed him and rocked him until he screamed at the top of his lungs for longer than my ears could handle, and he quickly got the boob. I guess trying to pull a fast one after a single good night of sleep was a little ambitious.

Some B&W cuddle gems

Version 2Version 2Version 2

The rest of the weekend was really mellow. Sam went back for his second shift back since Riv was born (only 48 hours this time), so we spent our time hanging in the backyard and going on long walks around the neighborhood. We also “played” a lot and Riv gave some solid performances for the camera. He squealed, he side-smiled, he danced. His new thing is raising one or both arms in the air and kind of moving in circles. It’s the cutest move ever and I can’t help but mimic him every time.

Breakfast in silence by the pool/Cruising with my crew until the lady got lazy and needed a ride


Dad comes home tomorrow and we can’t wait for a full 96 hours with him! We’re taking our first overnight trip to Palm Springs on Wednesday and are mentally preparing for the 100+ degree weather now. Until then!




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