Palm Desert

It was another couple days of firsts as we headed out to Palm Desert this past week — River’s first road trip, first time in desert, first encounter with 100+ degree heat, and his first (toe) dip in the pool. I also experienced a first — stopping to see the giant dinosaurs in Cabazon. I can’t believe it took me 29 years and a kid to finally do it! It’s become such an iconic stop and I’m so glad we made a slight detour to embrace the weirdness and take a few photos. He won’t even remember it, but I can’t help but think that everything we do now is so much more fun because we get to experience it all with our son. 





The day we left for the desert was supposedly the start of a heat wave, and we definitely felt it. Temperatures got up to 108, but we spent most of our time by the pool and under the shade. We were a little nervous to see how Riv handled it, but everything worked out. Here are a few a the things that ended up saving us:

  1. Hat – We used this one. It’s lightweight, has UPF 50, and is easily adjustable with the attached drawstring. Even if he wasn’t wearing it, it was nice to place over his head to avoid any excessive sun exposure.
  2. Fan – This was something we purchased last-minute and we are SO glad we did. We ordered this one and it worked great. It’s not the most powerful little fan, but it totally did the trick and clipped easily to the carseat. I also love that the blades are made of foam. When Riv was fussy and started kicking, I wasn’t concerned about it hurting him at all. Be sure to have extra batteries on-hand, though, because they ran out fairly quickly.
  3. Damp towels – After soaking some extra pool towels with cold water, we used them to pat River down throughout the day and also lined his carseat. There’s not a lot of ventilation in the infant carseats, so having a damp towel for him to lie on all day was hugely helpful.

Despite the heat, it was such a nice little getaway. We got to spend time with family and we came home feeling surprisingly refreshed. I had the terrible feeling that no vacation would ever truly feel like a vacation again, but not true! The combination of no agenda, some frozen cocktails, and the chance to take quick dips in the pool together while Uncle Mikey and Aunt Alyssa watched Riv was just what we needed. Our next challenge will be a six-hour drive to Mammoth, so we’ll see how that goes!




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