Mom Bod Staples

After having River, I quickly realized my wardrobe was going to look a bit different. Gone are the days of fitted dresses, inflexible straps, lace-up backs, and pretty much anything that requires you to go braless. This is one of those things I couldn’t believe no one ever told me about! Dressing for breastfeeding is no joke. I was so excited to be back in my pre-pregnancy clothes that I completely neglected to consider what would be nursing-friendly. I’m here to help other women avoid that harsh reality slap at all costs.

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It’s no secret that your body will have changed, yet again, after having your baby. You’ll still feel and look at least a few months pregnant, but dressing the “bump” in skintight tops and dresses no longer seems socially acceptable. Or tempting, really. That’s where the high-waisted jeans come in. I’ve mentioned them before, but I can’t say enough good things about the ones I found at Urban Outfitters. They come in a black or a bleached denim, and are literally the only things I wear now. They’re high-rise, cropped, and have the kick flare going on with a distressed edge. That’s a triple threat in my book. I also love that you can wear any top and don’t feel like you’re exposing your entire back or stomach every time you need to breastfeed. Big win!

Button-down shirts have become my new go-to. You can wear a normal (nursing) bra and easily gain access for breastfeeding whenever and wherever. They can be dressed up or down, tucked in, tied in front — whatever your heart desires. My favorite one is at Target right now and comes in a variety of colors. It’s only $20, so you won’t be pissed every time it gets caught in the crossfire of your babe’s projectile vomit. I’m wearing the chambray one in the photos above..

This bra has been amazing for when I’m out and about, too. The clips are super easy to use and make whipping out the boob a lot less awkward. If that’s even possible. It takes some time getting used to unclipping one-handed, but it’ll become second nature before you know it. And speaking of bras, I recently read about wearing a strapless bathing suit when you need to nurse but also want to rock a strapless or off-the-shoulder top. I tried it this weekend, and it was just as great as I expected it to be. They’re quick-drying, thick enough (wear one with some padding), and there’s no need for nursing pads. Major score. 

These slides have also become a staple in my closet. They’re comfy, go with just about anything, and feel a little dressier than my standard Birkenstocks. I got them in a couple different colors because helloooo $15! They’re sold out online right now, but there are a ton of other cute options. I’m digging these ones.

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Those are a few of my everyday items…like, literally, I wear at least one of them every single day. When you’ve got a baby (or babies), the last thing you want to be worrying about is what to wear. Getting dressed doesn’t have to be an ordeal every time if you stack your closet with a few easy items. Inexpensive, comfortable, postpartum-friendly, and still stylish. “Mom clothes” doesn’t have to be a bad thing anymore!



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