Two Months

Round two of #raisingriv comin’ in hot! The first month was incredible and chock full of ropes-learning, BUT month two has been next level. He’s observing so many things, making the cutest noises on the planet, and sleeping a lottt. Well, at night anyway. I freaking love this kid.


  • Weighing over 11 lbs.
  • First butt rash – used Desitin for two weeks and learned Water Wipes are the only way to go.
  • Real tears have officially come in.
  • Eye lashes are growing like crazy.
  • Still rocking the cul-de-sac and no eyebrows.
  • Thighs are getting chunky and leg rolls are coming in.
  • Reaching and grabbing at things now — especially mom’s hair.
  • Calmed down by the sound of running bath water.
  • Sucking on your hands more and still unsure of his pacifiers.
  • Still looking at the ceiling a lot, but making more eye contact and following moving objects.
  • Recognizing mom and dad (the best!).
  • Making lots of cute noises, coos, and almost getting to a giggle.
  • Kicking your legs and smiling a gummy, thin-lipped smile when you get excited.
  • Still sleeping in the Rock ‘n Play because mom and dad keep forgetting to install the monitor.
  • Napping in your crib more.
  • Starting a bedtime routine — bathe around 7:30, then feed, attempt story time, and sleep in crib. Dream feed around 11 and then sleeping in Rock n’ Play in mom and dad’s room.
  • Already have grown out of some newborn clothes.
  • Sleeping in seven- to nine-hour stretches.
  • Working hard on tummy time and gaining lots of neck strength.
  • Loving to lay on mom and dad’s chest and attempting to move around.
  • Road tripped to Palm Desert and Mammoth
  • Slept seven hours straight on our way home from Mammoth.


  • First shifts back to work for dad.
  • Mom is adjusting to the challenge of multiple days without dad. We survived two 96-hour shifts with minimal breakdowns.
  • Mom has to arm wrestle sometimes you when you’re nursing.
  • Our arms are getting toned from all of the up-and-down play.
  • First date night out while Meema babysat.
  • Loving family outings and still impressed with how long you’ll nap while in the stroller.
  • Starting to learn what each of your cries means.
  • Doing lots of research online to figure out how to sleep train but realizing you already (mostly) sleep like an angel at night.
  • Appreciating showers that don’t involve a crying baby on the other side of the door
  • Baby talking like psychos and then seamlessly returning to “normal” talk without skipping a beat.
  • Loving hearing your tiny voice come to life.

We love you!

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