Sleeping Like a Baby – Pt. 1


As I mentioned on Instagram, we started transitioning River to his own room and crib this past week. For the last two months, he’s been sleeping in his Rock ‘n Play beside our bed, but we felt like it was time to switch things up. We didn’t want him to get too used to the feeling of being “hugged” in the Rock ‘n Play and I was nervous that if we waited too much longer, he’d be more familiar with his surroundings and it’d be a tougher transition. Looking back, I wonder if having him sleep on a flat surface (either a bassinet or Pack ’n Play) would’ve been smarter, but it’s hard to say. We went with the Rock ’n Play this time around because a) it’s small and fit nicely next to our bed and b) he was spitting up constantly and we were paranoid about how we’d handle it in his sleep. The Rock ’n Play has a slight incline and we slept more soundly knowing his head would be raised up a bit. He probably would’ve been fine sleeping flat but, as first-time parents, we thought it was better to be safe than sorry. Deciding where to have him start out was definitely one of the things I got most stressed about. Like anything else, there are a million opinions, way too many options, and different preferences depending on each child. This stuff is freaking hard and we’re just navigating all of it the best we can!

We’ve been really lucky because River has always been a pretty good sleeper. As soon as we got the go-ahead from his pediatrician to let him sleep until he was hungry (around the two-week mark), he was sleeping consistently in four- to five-hour stretches. We’d put him down at 11 p.m. and would only need to wake up once in the middle of the night (around 4 a.m.) for a changing and feeding.The second stretch was usually shorter — around three hours — but I’m convinced it was because the light from our window in the morning woke him up. Regardless, going to bed at 11 and starting the day around 7 in the morning was amazing. I still have bags under my eyes, but things could definitely be worse! Aside from having him in his Rock ’n Play at night, we tried to be good about differentiating daytime sleep from nighttime sleep. For instance, we stayed away from having him nap during the day in his Rock ’n Play and instead would have him sleep in his swing, bassinet, or lounger. We also tried to associate other things with nighttime-only sleep like lavender oil (drops on the Rock ’n Play cover), a dark/quiet room, and wearing SwaddleMes. Who knows if any of these attempts at a routine really helped, but they certainly didn’t hurt!

We just finished up night four of being in separate rooms, so I’ll write more about that experience in part two. Stay tuned!



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