Four Months

Everyone told us that four months is the best age and I finally understand what all the hype is about. Riv is the sweetest little guy lately and is making us laugh more than ever. Everything is new and exciting for him and he’s become so curious about his surroundings. Whether he’s feeling the sand in his toes, staring at trees as we pass under them, or realizing he has a ticklish belly, the world seems to be endlessly entertaining and it’s so fun to watch him experience it all.


  • 14.7 lbs and 25 inches long
  • Showing some faint dimples
  • Rocking the big gummy mouth and squinty  eyes when you smile
  • Smiling back at everyone
  • Starting to laugh. Especially when I “eat your hands,” you get tickled in the stomach, or apparently when dad says, “Yogurtland”
  • Loving standing up and sitting up in our laps
  • Prefer chewing on your hand than using any of your teething toys
  • Looking directly at the camera for pictures. Freaky!
  • Blowing lots of bubbles
  • Tried your Bumbo out for the first time and liked it
  • Took your first flight
  • Met a great grandma and both great grandpas
  • Starting to roll over and almost out of all your things – swing, lounger, Rock ‘n Play
  • Wearing size three month clothes, but won’t be for long
  • You have major FOMO and never want to be asleep or missing out on anything during the day
  • You pretty much only nap if you’re in someone’s arms
  • You freak out at sudden loud noises even if it’s just a big laugh in close proximity
  • Super hit-or-miss with taking a bottle
  • Regressed a bit over the last month, but still sleeping 7 to 10 hours a night


  • Our arms are getting strong
  • Our backs are getting sore
  • Someone has to sit in the back seat with you for every car ride now, otherwise you scream your head off. High maintenance!
  • Mom sings “You Are My Sunshine” when you get upset and it usually helps. It occasionally makes mom cry, too.
  • Proud of you for being such a champion on our flights to SD
  • Love watching you throw your head back to laugh

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