Friday Favorites // 9.22.17

I’m a (shameless) consumer in every sense of the word. If I’m not reading The Skimm, watching TV, scrolling through Instagram, checking a million different apps, reading the news, or sifting through endless blogs, I’m either keeping my baby alive or fast asleep. I’m usually on information overload, yes, but I also feel like I come across A LOT of really cool stuff all day long. Not everything is worth passing along, but I feel like, more often than not, I’m making discoveries that range anywhere between pretty cool and holy shiz I need to tell everyone I know about this. I love talking about the latest deal I found or a new product that has changed my life, so I figured I’d start officially sharing all of that goodness here. It could be anything from an amazing Pinterest board or a helpful resource for struggling moms to a new pair of jeans or a crazy, easy recipe not even I can mess up. So, here we go. Let the over-sharing weekly roundups begin!

Cloud Island Pajamas: Super cute patterns and zip-up feature even the most frustrated parent can figure out. There’s nothing worse than trying to put anything with 15 buttons onto a screaming baby, so these have come in handy big time during our nightly routine.


Josie Maran Moisturizer: I’ve been looking for a more natural moisturizer with SPF and this has quickly become my new favorite. It’s light, super hydrating, not at all greasy, and goes on perfectly underneath makeup. I love that it provides sun protection but doesn’t feel even the slightest bit thick or pasty. The light, refreshing scent is an added bonus and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin whatsoever. There’s a tinted option, too, but the color was a little off for me and I’m way happier with this clear version. 

josie maran

Lactation Cookies: These are seriously delicious and the perfect alternative to the insanely expensive pre-made ones you can get at the store! Even Sam is obsessed. Plus, I love being able to use feeding my baby as justification for my cookie addiction.


Mules: In case you needed another reason to scoop up some mules to transition you from summer to fall, it’s also triple points time, y’all! Earn those notes now until September 24. These are some of my faves — 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5.


Hope your weekends are full of family, relaxation, and all things fall-y!



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