Five Months

I’m happy to report that the last month has been just as fun as the last one and the one before that. River is more alert than ever, which is fun to watch but also makes feeding quite interesting. He’s more concerned about what’s going on around him than actually eating anything, so I have a feeling he hasn’t gained as much weight lately. He just barely grew out of his three-month clothing and is in the three-six-month range now. It’s so sad putting away clothes he doesn’t fit into anymore! I’m starting to realize a capsule wardrobe for each stage would be genius if he didn’t poop or puke on something at least once a day.


  • Haven’t weighed or measured you since last month — oops!
  • Blonde peach fuzz on top and brown hair in the back
  • Eyes are turning to a greenish gray
  • Still no eyebrows
  • Long eyelashes
  • Drooling up a storm
  • Love chewing on your hands
  • Finally grew out of your three-month clothes
  • Grabbing at everything
  • Putting your toes in your mouth
  • Still trying to get consistent with a bottle
  • Flipped out of your Bumbo (nowhere is safe!)
  • Obsessed with staring at trees — dad’s convinced you’re going to be a botanist
  • Starting to teethe
  • You’re laughing all the time now
  • You think it’s hilarious when people throw their heads back and laugh
  • Starting to nap at least once a day (hallelujah!)
  • Still hating the car seat
  • Love grabbing faces (s’cute!)
  • Arching your back in everything from your swing to your bathtub
  • Love to be carried in your Solly or Ergobaby
  • Trying so hard to crawl
  • Waking up once or twice a night


  • Love watching you take in your surroundings
  • Still not used to blowouts
  • We only like pajamas with zippers — buttons are our nightmare
  • Constantly surprised at how strong you are
  • Love when you wrap your arms around our necks
  • Laughing with you is our favorite thing in the world
  • Sometimes shocked at how annoying our baby voices can be
  • Reading you more books
  • Playing classical music in the morning (come onnnn, baby genius!)
  • Feel super accomplished if you take a bottle without screaming
  • Buying allll the teething toys in hopes of making you and your mouth feel better



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