Six Months

Sam and I have been talking non-stop about this looming milestone. We can’t believe we’re already a half of a year into this whole parenting thing and kinda, sorta getting the hang of it. When we first brought River home, three months seemed far away, but six months seemed like a lifetime. It literally makes me cry (like, I’m currently typing through tears) to think how fast time has gone. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make it feel a little slower, but I’m at a loss.

We do our best to make mental notes of each fun/special/new thing that happens with Riv on a daily basis and keeping these monthly logs definitely helps remind us of how amazing each stage has been. BUT, if I’m being completely honest, I’ve been slacking. I used to notice something and hustle to write it in a note on my phone. Lately, I’ll notice something and tell myself that I should probably go grab my phone and then, more often than not, don’t. I need to be better about this! I never realized how hard it would be to remember a significant “first” until I sat down today to think about all that’s happened in the past month. I legitimately couldn’t remember if Riv tried solid food last month or this month. Like, come on! This is not okay. So, from here on out, when I see/hear/experience something with the cute little dude I spend every waking minute with, I’m going to write it down. For reals this time.


  • TBD! Going to the doctor tomorrow
  • Getting more hair
  • Eyes are greenish blue and change depending on the lighting
  • Laughing more than ever, except on command
  • Still drooling a ton
  • Found your tongue and stick it out all the time
  • Starting to look a teeny, tiny bit like mom
  • Will chew on anything in sight but no teeth showing just yet
  • Getting more consistent with a bottle, but like everything else, it’s usually on your terms
  • Freakishly strong legs, abs, and arms
  • Went from lying on your stomach and lifting your head to positioning yourself on your forearms and knees
  • Starting to rock back and forth
  • Sitting up on your own
  • Using a highchair at home and most recently at restaurants (game changer!!)
  • Ate vegetables for the first time and loved it — peas and spinach
  • Almost grown out of six-month clothes
  • Loving the “big kid seat” on the stroller instead of your carseat
  • Finally starting to mellow out on car rides and putting yourself to sleep most of the time
  • We pushed your bedtime to a little later and you’re sleeping through the night more often again (typically 8-5)


  • Loving your playfulness these days
  • Super appreciative of the increase in daily naps
  • Feeding you real food is the funniest thing ever right now with the excitement, head-butting, and pounding on the table
  • Not having to sit in the back seat of the car with you anymore
  • Still trying to make you belly laugh every hour on the hour
  • Starting to throw you in the air
  • Going out to eat is more enjoyable now that you’ll sit in a high chair instead of only in our laps

Love ya, buddy!


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