Friday Favorites // 11.9.17

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted some Friday favorites, so here’s the latest!

Dream Jeans: I just saw that my current favorite Levi’s are on sale at Nordstrom right now! Heyooo. Sizes are limited in black, but my blue denim pair is available in most sizes at full price. At $88, they’re still a steal!

Old Navy Sale: Old Navy is having a killer sale on women’s jeans, outerwear, and sweaters. We’re talking 50% off of already amazing prices. I have my eye on this number, but I kind of want one of everything in their outerwear section.


Teething Toy: Remember when I said nothing was working for Riv in the teething department? Well, this little guy has been amazing. It’s made of silicone and has these awesome little bristles that work wonders on the poor kid’s gums. It’s super cheap at under six bucks AND comes with a case. Brilliant.

High chair: It’s no secret that the Ikea high chair is affordable. Especially when you compare it to the $200+ competitors on the market. Like, whyyy? What I didn’t realize until I bought three (one for us and one for each of the grandmas — yes, it’s that good) is that it’s totally legit! It’s made entirely of Polypropylene with zero fabric, so it’s insanely easy to wipe clean. It’s also all white with steel legs, which makes it purty and perfect for that Instagram aesthetic we’re all going for. You know it’s true.

Ultimate Bib: Speaking of Ikea, this bib is my new best friend. Does it make Riv look a little bit like an adorable clown? Sure. Does it keep his body clean and avoid an unnecessary outfit change after every feeding? Hell yes. I usually have to put Riv in a diaper or accept the fact that his clothes will be covered in indistinguishable goo when we feed him, but the long sleeves on this bib are a game changer! And for $5, it’d be wrong not to buy this thing.

Happy weekend, friends! Go cuddle your people.



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