Seven Months

Seven months just sounds so old! I feel like I saw babies who were seven months old right around when Riv was born and they seemed so huge and human-y. I have a permanent memory of Riv as a little alien newborn I barely knew how to keep alive and now all of the sudden he’s laughing and pulling himself up on everything and I’m basically in complete denial. We’re at the point where he’s almost crawling and on the verge of being on the move for the rest of eternity. He is crazy active and laughs at pretty much anything and I just love his freaking guts.


16 lbs 14 oz
26 in long
Growing more hair but still looking like a fuzzy peach
Eyes are still changing depending on where we are and the lighting
Sleep regression has lasted three months too long — waking up three to four times a night
Got your first cold
Pretty good about napping two to times a day
Smiling at strangers and always being called a flirt
Buries his head in our neck and acts shy
Making lots of grunting noises and “ba ba ba” sounds
Gnarly farts
Catapults himself face first when he’s attempting to move on his hands and knees
Walking everywhere when we hold your hands
Loves when we jump on the bed
Big fan of “I’m gonna get you” and when we surprise him by yelling “Boo!”
Pulling on cords and strings
Always have your hand in your mouth
Loving Puffs
Slapping and scratching everyone’s face
Reaching for anything in sight
Thinks clapping is hilarious
First trip to Maui
First time skinny dipping at Baby Beach
Doing downward dog and impressive planks all the time
Thiiiiis close to crawling
Picked out your first Christmas tree
Fully pulling yourself up in your crib


Loving that we can chill you out with Puffs
Learned we can’t wear you into a beer garden
Found some tickle spots on your sides and stomach
Getting way too tired holding you for shorter periods of time
Learned solid food poop is the worst
Realized it’s time to lower your crib mattress
Loving starting new holiday traditions with you
Everything about Christmas is way more fun with you
Mom had to do a 24 hr pumping test to see check milk production after you had only gained a pound in two months — turns out you’re just a lazy eater
Somehow not dying of sleep deprivation

Love ya, dude!

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