Holiday Gift Ideas

Confession: I had really great intentions for gift guides, but then mid-December showed up out of nowhere and ruined all my plans. So, instead of a bunch of different guides, I went for the obvious (and fun) one — mamas! If you’re a mom yourself and shop with the one-for-you-one-for-me mentality like I do, you’ll dig this list.

AVIATORS//The chicest way to cover up those under-eye bags. I’m literally counting down the days for mine to arrive in the mail.

LEATHER BACKPACK//For when you need to carry a bottle and a few diapers, but don’t feel like schlepping the whole full-sized diaper bag.INSPIRING BOOK//I received this as a Christmas gift a couple years ago and it’s still one of my favorite books to flip through when I need some inspiration.

GRAPHIC TEE//Sometimes you just need to rep your hood on your heart. Motherhood, that is.

Rebel Momma Tee

PERSONALIZED NECKLACE//Whether it’s a cute “mama” necklace or one with your kid’s name on it, you can’t go wrong with jewelry. I’ve bought many pieces from this company (both for myself and my friends) and it is legit. I also love this one that I got for Mother’s Day with the coordinates for Newport Beach (where Riv was born).

ROBE//Sometimes you don’t want to leave the house and, when that happens, you need to be prepared. This hooded, zip-up robe is like wearing a giant blanket.

BLUETOOTH SPEAKER//Need to drown out the ear-piercing cries of your child? Kidding…sort of. But really, if you don’t already have a speaker, you’ve got to get this one. It’s small enough to be portable, pairs quickly with devices, and has insanely impressive sound. 
SPEAKER CASE//Protect your nifty new speaker with this handy little case. My parents have this for theirs and it’s perfect! 

APPLE WATCH//I use the fitness app on my phone all the time, but it’s not as accurate as I’d like it to be. If my phone’s in the stroller, it won’t pick up any steps and that just plain bums me out. Having one of these would be a game changer.

FRENCH PRESS//This thing is a favorite around our house. It takes a little extra effort than a Keurig, but you’ll feel fancier and it makes a mean cup of coffee.And if you’re still scrambling for some gifts for the kiddos, here are a few I’ve had my eye on.

PLAY MAT//I feel like all I do is constantly move a blanket around to accommodate Riv’s crazy crawling now. This play mat is big enough for the active baby and comes in a couple super cute patterns.

BLOCK SET//This chic set could provide endless entertainment and it’s way less tacky (no offense, doctors!) than the colored ones at your pediatrician’s office.

SWEATSHIRT SET//Does your baby need more clothes? Probably not. Do you want to buy your baby more clothes? Probably. I’m obsessed with this set.

WINTER ONESIE//If you’re planning on being in cooler temps, this striped number is your jam. How refreshing is it to see stripes in this grayish-brown, too?!
TRICYCLE//I’ve heard amazing things about this versatile little trike and I’m kind of obsessed with the modern take on a classic Radio Flyer. I’m picturing this under the tree with a giant red bow. 

Happy shopping, friends. Only 13 more days ’til Christmas!



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