Friday Favorites // 1.5.18

First time typing out ’18 and whew–what a trip! I’m a freak and MUCH prefer odd numbers, but I’m embracing this year regardless. I’m not one for resolutions, but one of my ahem intentions is to be more consistent. That means more consistent with my attitude, my patience, my goals, my health, and this freaking blog. I’m not aiming for a new me, just a better me.

I thought it was only right to finish off the first week of 2018 with a Friday Favorites roundup, so here we go.

ZARA is having a major sale right now. Like, MAJORRR. Up to 60% in store and online. I’m loving these embroidered jeans and this skirt for myself and these plain button tees for Riv.

Mom uniform basics. I don’t allow myself much time to put together an outfit in the mornings, so having a go-to look is key to being quick and still feeling confident when I leave the house. These are my favorite tees right now (super comfy and perfect crew neck) and I just got these these to switch up my standard Levi’s (high-waisted and fit snuggly with a good amount of stretch). Add some Vans and you’re done. Comfy, basic, and definitely not trying too hard. Poyf.

Addictive podcast. If you saw my stories on our drive up to Mammoth a few weeks ago, you already know I’m obsessed with this new podcast I found called Up and Vanished. It’s about a 12-year-old cold case of a missing school teacher in Georgia. The host is investigating and recording in real time, so it makes for a wild and super gripping ride. I highly recommend this one!

Binge-worthy Netflix show. Speaking of all things crime (don’t judge me!), The Confession Tapes on Netflix is a recent season I just watched in full over the course of two days. It’s not without its flaws, but I found it super interesting.

Happy almost weekend, friends!

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