Finding the Inspiration to Cook

At the beginning of the week, I posted on the ‘Gram about a big change happening in our house. After years of eating delicious food prepared by my hubby, the tables have turned and I’m about to take a stab at cooking on the reg. Sam just started paramedic school full-time, which means he’ll be home every night instead of being gone for his normal 48-hour shift work. I’m going to be honest: when’s Sam’s gone, I do not eat well. I have eggs and toast almost every morning with a smoothie thrown in here and there, a sandwich or something equally easy for lunch, and then usually bake a sheet of chicken sausage and veggies that’ll last me both nights for dinner. It’s fine but it sure ain’t exciting. Sam prefers some variety and makes more of a production, which is cool if you’re cooking for more than yourself, but when it’s just me, I don’t have the energy. With the change in schedule, though, I’m finally making it a point to get creative and step out of my cooking comfort zone for everyone’s sake. I don’t want River and any other future children to dread getting meals cooked by mom.

I received a ton of awesome recommendations after reaching out on my IG story, so I went ahead and compiled them into a list for anyone else who might be in the same boat. My plan is to start flagging recipes, figure out which ones are hits, and meal plan every single week. I’d love to have 10 to 15 go-to recipes in an easy-to-find digital location (aka note on my phone) where I have a list of all the ingredients and can make a grocery run without much hassle. As I hone my process, I’ll check back in. Here’s to making cooking a little more fun and a lot less stressful.

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