Nine Months

I know I’ve said this before, but this is my ACTUAL favorite age. Riv is stable enough to sit or crawl around without me worrying about a fall every three seconds, he can totally entertain himself if you give him a few toys or a wide open space, and he laughs at pretty much everything we do as long as there’s a goofy grin on our faces. When he starts to freak out, we just have to hide, pop out and say “boo,” and he’s usually right back to his fun self. How great is that? He talks to himself all day long and loves to hear his own voice. Pretty much everything he does right now is freaking cute and I’m kind of obsessed.


  • Over 19 lbs
  • Looking long — had to extend the headrest in your carseat
  • Playing with your tongue all the time and (still) drooling up a storm
  • Starting to “dance” aka bob your head when you hear music
  • Fastest crawler of all time
  • You’ll follow our voices and crawl to find us in the other room
  • Starting to know your name
  • Lots of talking, “singing,” and squealing
  • The CIO method worked its magic and you’re now sleeping through the night
  • Finally able to be put down awake and fall asleep on your own for naps and bedtime
  • Still love to wake up at 6 a.m. every morning
  • Does way better riding in the car and can entertain himself with some toys and puffs
  • Becoming so observant when we read books together
  • Consistently eating two solid meals a day
  • Started to bear crawl like a mad man
  • Won’t move unless you have two hands on something or someone when you’re standing, but starting to get brave
  • Clapping is your new favorite trick
  • Suffering from serious separation anxiety
  • The most content when you’re outside and able to roam freely


  • Thanks to your new teeth, breastfeeding will never been the same
  • Trying really hard to make your new dancing trick more consistent
  • Still nursing you three times a day with formula bottles every other feeding — this plus solid food meals seem to keep you content and it makes us so happy
  • Loving how much you enjoy peek-a-boo
  • Took you on your first wine-tasting trip to Los Olivos
  • SOOO happy you’re finally sleeping through the night
  • Loving your morning nap but thinking an afternoon one would be nice, too
  • Wrestling you during every diaper change isn’t great
  • Can’t believe you’re this old already

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